Food plating


satay with peanut sauce
fritters with dip
ceviche with plaintain chips
prosciutto and melon with balsamic reduction drizzle
coconut shrimp with mango salsa
caesar salad with chicken and croutons
mango thai salad
burger with salad and fries – burger and salad on plate with condiments; fries in spiral basket


catch of the day plated with veggies and starch underneath sauce around exterior only (not on fish)
grilled garlic shrimp on skewer layed ontop of veggies and starch – add lime slice – battered shrimp should be served like coconut shrimp only with veggies and starch
BBQ Jerk chicken with sides – always a thigh and a leg joined not separate
strip steak – veggies on one side – starch on the other – any sauce goes UNDERNEATH meat NOT on top
Pasta Alfredo with Chicken Breast – garnish with fresh herb
sesame tofu and stirfry vegetables over rice – square plate
Bindi Masala – serve in bowl with rice on the side


Asian Orange Duck Breast – add orange slice as garnish – – square plate for duck – side plate vegetables and starch on separate plate
Pepperpot Stew with Rice – square plate – garnish edge of plate with herbs
lamb chops – 2 double cut – sauce outside or edge – use square plate – try to stand chops up in starch and veggies
Lobster – positioned like this on a long plate (not round plate rectangle) with slice of lime and small cup of melted butter – starch and veggies on separate plate


key lime pie – always garnish with whipped cream on side with mint leave – raspberry sauce around outer edge never on pie
in small dessert cups garnished with whipped cream and shaved chocolate or crushed nuts(be careful with nut allergy)
ice cream – one large scoop in a small bowl garnished with the fruit the flavor of the ice cream or sorbet plus mint leave
bananas flambe in square dish with vanilla ice cream