Updated July 7, 2020 – As you may have heard St. Lucia has opened its borders to US, Canada and UK flights under its Phase 1 plan.  St. Lucia has had an extraordinary experience with Covid-19 (only 19 cases -all recovered- and no deaths).  In order to ensure the health and safety of guests, staff and locals St. Lucia has enacted strict requirements as to entry and movement on the island during Phase 1 (which is currently scheduled to run through July 31, 2020).  ***If you are from the Caribbean Bubble please skip to the bottom***

We are closely monitoring the situation locally and abroad and taking action where necessary.  We are following the health and safety guidelines of the St. Lucian government to protect our guests and workers, specifically increasing our sanitizing of all rooms, bathrooms, all work, public areas and requiring the use of PPE.

Like everyone else during this pandemic, the economy has suffered and we are hopeful that the global situation will improve enough to assure that you visit soon.  Many of you know we are a family at Caille Blanc Villa & Hotel and therefore, we have taken steps so that this period of time has not adversely impacted any of our team members financially or health wise.

ST. LUCIA HAS INSTITUTED THE FOLLOWING TRAVEL PROTOCOLS STARTING JULY 9, 2020 which you will be required to acknowledge:

  • Passengers coming in to adhere to all protocols relevant to airport
  • All arriving passengers to be screened, including temperature checks
  • All arriving passengers must have a negative result from a PCR test done within 7 days of travel 
  • All symptomatic passengers to be isolated and tested.
  • All passengers who test positive for COVID-19 to be transferred to Respiratory Hospital for treatment and care at their cost.
  • Other passengers to be transferred to approved COVID-19 accommodation/ government quarantine site/home quarantine


Below is a graphic of the current St. Lucia Travel Safety Protocols through July 31, 2020.  St. Lucia has created a registration process and set of requirements that each hotel must meet prior to allowing guests. We are working hard to become part of the first wave of hotels to open in St. Lucia (hopefully towards the end of July) and have already implemented operations to meet the criteria. That being said there will be entry requirements for guests more information and important updates as well as any changes to these protocols can be found at: 

Our policies relating to Covid-19 and more can be found here: 

Should you be unable to join us our cancellation policy can be found here:  

***Countries within the following Caribbean bubble will be exempt from testing and quarantine Antigua and Barbuda Monsterrat Aruba Saint Barthelmy Anguilla Saint Kitts and Nevis Bahamas Saint Martin Barbados Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Bermuda Sint Martin Bonaire Trinidad and Tobago British Virgin Islands Turks and Caicos Curacao Dominica Grenada ***

As always our team awaits you with open arms…..stay well until we see you again. – All your friends at Caille Blanc Villa & Hotel